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After being closed for almost 2 years, Keukenhof has opened his doors again for visitors! Your (happy) guide Linda takes you with her during her visit of Keukenhof 2021. The park looks beautiful and the tulips in the Willem-Alexander Pavilion are in full bloom! Learn more about the history of the tulip and the special planting technique of the Keukenhof gardeners.

Enjoy your visit of this lovely sping bulb park in the Netherlands.

Linda’s (private) tour in Keukenhof will be online soon! But you can always contact her for questions!

In 2020 Keukenhof had to stay closed due to the Corona Virus. Linda normally visits this beautifull spring bulb park a hundred times during the season (which is only 2 months!), but now she only had to go once. In the vlog she explains why she had to visit Keukenhof 2020. Since the bulbfields around Keukenhof were in full bloom she also takes you around through the fields… by bike! Join her and discover how beautifull bulb region is!