Your Corona Proof Guide

Tours in times of corona will look different but can still take place!

Update 28th of March 2021: Unfortunatly the lockdown is extended until the 20th of April. It even looks like Keukenhof has to remain closed another year! But if you do visit Amsterdam or the region, you can always contact me for a private tour!

Fingers crossed for the numbers to go down and for a re-opening of the country from on this date…

Update 16th of December 2020: Until the 19th of January we are unfortunatly in a lockdown. This means all public areas (except from essential shops, like supermarkets) are closed. Let’s start 2021 positive and healthy! Hope to see you all soon!

Update November 2020: Until the 19th of November we have some extra rules regarding the Corona Virus in the Netherlands. The most important ones are: public buildings such as museums, the zoo and restaurants are closed. No groups allowed on the street, the maximum is 2 persons (so only private tours are allowed for the moment). After the 19th we are going back to the rules which you can find here:

These days are very different from what we were used to. It’s new to all of us. Regulations are changing day by day!

For now it is possible in the Netherlands to do private walkingtours. When you’re visiting us with your family we can easily make a walkingtour together. Important though is to keep WhatsApp Image 2020-05-02 at 18.24.02(3)distance of 4,5 feet (1,5 meter). The tour can not take place if one of the family members has symptoms. In that case you can cancel the tour without any problems.

Museums are open again since the 1st of June, but guiding groups is not allowed yet. From on the 1st of June it is necessary to wear a face mask in public transport. Also restaurants are open again. In case you want to eat inside a restaurant you need to reserve a tabel.

Together we make the best out of it. Hope to see you soon! Stay safe!

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